Saturday, July 20, 2019

Great Signs Of Doomsday According to Islamic Teachings


The apocalypse is a day when the world will be destroyed without a trace. There is not one person who knows when the day of resurrection will occur. But according to Islamic teachings there were some great signs before the occurrence of the day. After the apocalypse happens we will be responsible for all that we are to do throughout our lifetime.

Here is signs :

1. Dajjal Appears


The first sign of the apocalypse is the emergence of the Antichrist. Among the events that occurred since the prophetic Adam to the day of resurrection, there is nothing greater than the emergence of the Dajjal itself. Dajjal known as a great one-eyed creature going out of nowhere between the land of Sham and Iraq. Early arrival of the Antichrist he said the Muslims claimed to be Muslims, then claimed to be the Prophet and ultimately claimed to be God. Many Muslims who initially believed to be infidels because they are from the Dajjal. The Antichrist has tremendous strength and craftsmanship. He was able to revive the dead, heal various diseases and be able to lower the rain.

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2. The Coming of Prophet Isa

Muslims believe that the Prophet Isa has not died. The Prophet Jesus was lifted up to heaven by God from the disbelievers chase. It is mentioned that on the day of the Resurrection Prophet Isa As will descend in the White tower located east of Damascus city in the land of Syam. Allah will again bring down the Prophet Isa to the world before the apocalypse occurs. In addition to killing the Antichrist, Prophet Isa will kill one of the creatures that is a sign of the great Doomsday Yajuj and Majuj.

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3. The Emergence of Yajuj and Majuj

Yajuj and Majuj are human beings who do not have regular posture.  They are not good at talking and not eloquent, small-eyed (sipit), small-nosed, wide-face, red-coloured skin as if his face is like a shield and other qualities. Muslims believe that nowadays the Yajuj and Majuj are confined in an area covered by thick walls. But at the time of the apocalypse they succeeded in destroying the wall and making chaos in this world. Until the end is only prophet Isa who was able to defeat and destroy the people of Yajuj and Majuj.

4. The Sun Rises From The West

If on a daily sunrise from the east, but before the day of Resurrection The sun will rise from the opposite direction, namely from the West. And if that day occurs then it is closed the repentance door for mankind. It is also ensured that the day of judgement is imminent.

5. Blowing Trumpets

Blowing Trumpets

On the day of Resurrection, the angel of Israfil will sound a trumpet. The first blowing of the trumpet will surprise the next man the second will destroy mankind and the third blowing will awaken all mankind from the grave or his death. This is a sign and a final sequence of doomsday events.

Such is a big sign of doom that we can know as Muslims. By knowing this sign then we must be faithful and prepare ourselves. In addition, we must seek forgiveness and protection from Allah SWT until someday we are resurrected in a state of faith and do not suffer torment or see a terrible resurrection.