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3 Oldest Mosques In Indonesia

The number of mosques in Indonesia is very much. Even almost every kampong has its own mosque. It is not surprising because 87% or about 200 million Indonesian are Muslims.There are 2 opinions that say the first to say that Islam efficacy to Indonesia in the 7th century AD, and the second to say that Islam efficacy to Indonesia in the 13th century and both of them are each the same carried by traders from the Arab. Also not surprising if there is a mosque that has been in the year and is old standing in Indonesia.

Here are the 3 oldest mosques in Indonesia :

1. Saka Tunggal Mosque 1288

Saka Tunggal Mosque
Saka Tunggal Mosque

For this mosque itself located precisely in Cikakak village, Wangon District of Banyumas Regency, Central Java. In the main pillar of this mosque there is a record of the establishment year is in the year 1288 that was founded by Kyai Mustolih and in fact there are still many books Kyai Mustolih about this mosque but very in the book of the books are gone no longer.

For this mosque also why in the name Saka Tunggal ?

Tunggal in English means single or one. Because this mosque only use 1 pillar, and the pillar is also one of the symbols of the subordinate Allah SWT the Almighty.

2. Wapauwe Mosque 1414

Wapauwe Mosque
Wapauwe Mosque

For the mosque this one is very clean well maintained. The mosque was built in 1441 A.D., which was used as the center of Islamic distribution in the Maluku era. Previously, this mosque was not a Wapauwe, but it was originally called Wawane because it was built right on the slopes of the mountain Wawane. This mosque is also famous in because in this mosque there are Mushaf AL-Quran which is reportedly Mushaf the oldest in Indonesia.

Recited Mushaf for Imam Muhammad Aricapessy which was completed and written in 1550 AD and also there is Mushaf Nur Cahya which was written in 1590 AD.

3. Ampel Mosque 1421

Ampel Mosque
Ampel Mosque

Ampel Mosque is one of the oldest mosques located in the village of Ampel, Semampir Sub-district, Surabaya, East Java. The mosque is named after the Ampel mosque in because its founder, Sunan Ampel. Nowadays, this mosque can still be used and is one of the religious tourism destination in Surabaya. In this mosque there is also a cemetery complex of the founders of the mosque, Sunan Ampel which annually visited by the community.

Not only that, near this mosque there is one very old well that is believed by some people is a lucky well.

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