Saturday, February 17, 2018

Top 10 Countries With The Largest Muslim Population In The World

The religion of Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. Muslim growth itself is believed to reach 2.9% per year, while the world population growth reached only 2.3%. This makes the number of Islam as a religion with the fastest growing population in the world. Nowadays, Islam is ranked second by the number of followers as much as 1.59 billion. Or about 23% of the total world population. The number of Muslims is expected to rise almost doubled. Muslim estimate range of 2.7 billion in the year 2050, this will make the 29% of the world population are Muslims. Asia became the largest Muslim population in which Indonesia is the largest.

Here we present list 10 countries with the largest Muslim population :

1. Indonesia

Indonesia Flag

A country located in South East Asia is one of the countries with the largest population in the world. From 260 million residents of Indonesia, reported at least 88.1 percent are Muslim. The percentage of Muslim Indonesia reach up to 12.7% of the Muslim population in the world. Make Indonesia become the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

2. Pakistan

Pakistan Flag

Pakistan is a country of the former British colonization which is located in South Asia. Approximately 96% of Pakistanis are Muslims from a population estimated at 193.2 million. Or take 11% of the entire population of the Muslim world.

3. India

India Flag

With the number of inhabitants reached 1,316 billion, India became the second country with the largest population. Though it is not the religion of the majority, the number of Islamic societies in India reaches 150 million more or approximately 14% of the total population in India.

4. Bangladesh

Bangladesh Flag

Bangladesh is a country contiguous with India and Pakistan. The number of Islamic population in Bangladesh reached 87% of the total population of Bangladesh is estimated at 150 million. This makes the country the fourth largest Muslim population ranking.

5. Egypt

Egypt Flag

Egypt is a country filled with a history of Islam in the past. Egypt is still a part of the Arabian peninsula. Located on the continent of Africa, Egypt has up to 80 million Muslims, which led him to 4.9 % of the world's Muslim population.

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6. Nigeria

Nigeria Flag

Nigeria is a country in West Africa. According to statistics, the percentage of Muslims in Nigeria up to 4.7 percent of the Muslim population of the world. 76 million residents embraced Islam in Nigeria. This figure makes Nigeria is ranked 6 countries with the largest Muslim population.

7. Iran

Iran Flag

Country located in Western Asia it has a percentage of 99.6 % Muslim. There are about 76 million Muslims in Iran or 4.6 percent of the world's Muslim population. The majority of Muslims in this country are Syiah. Iran is currently the largest Islamic State, is famous for his Muslim militancy.

8. Turkey

Turkey Flag

The only country of the continent of Europe who entered the list of top 10. 98.6% of the population of Turkey is Muslim. Make Turkey into an Islamic State that is respected in the world armed with a legendary Ottoman Empire history.

9. Algeria

Algeria Flag

Algeria is a country located in North Afrika near the Mediterranean coast. Almost all citizens of Algeria is a Muslim, his percentage reached 98.2% of the total population in the country. This makes Algeria accounted for 2.1 % of the total population of the Muslim world.

10. Morocco

Morocco Flag

Just like Algeria, Morocco is a country with nearly all of the inhabitants are Muslim. His percentage even reached 99.9%. The role of the dynasty in the past to be one of the factors that make Morocco became an Islamic State.