Thursday, February 15, 2018

See The Uniqueness of Islamic Culture In Turkey

Galata Tower

Turkey is a big country which is in the Eurasia because his nation between the two continents also results in Turkey have a unique culture that is mixing the Eastern culture and Western culture. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara itself but the most important and largest cities there is Istanbul. The majority of Turkish society embrace the religion of Islam.

The culture of Turkey at this time still remains grounded in the traditions of Islam, where the influence of the West is in the city and it is still very limited, while in the Interior of Turkey, Islamic culture still thick enough to be seen. Historical factors in the recent past to make Islamic culture in Turkey are still treated to date. Historic buildings during the Ottoman Caliph and since the reign of Mustafa Kemal to the present day there are still well maintained and made into a museum by the Government of Turkey.

The civilization of Islam with Arabic and Persian influence into a profound legacy for the people of Turkey as the remnants of the Ottoman Dynasty. Islam in the era of the Caliphate was applied as a religion which regulates the relationship between man and Allah SWT to protect them, as the creator, and also the social systems that underlie the life of society and the State.

Istanbul Mosque

Turkey Ottoman Empire who ruled from 1300 to 1922 this left rich architectural treasures, ranging from palaces, forts, mosques, to the grave. Istanbul as the Central Government has hundreds of mosque architecture, form nearly uniform. The hallmark of a mosque in Turkey is situated on the beautiful dome is surrounded by a high tower. In addition to the mosque's dome type, Muslims at the time of the Ottoman Empire showing the type of field and the mosque madrassa.

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While the music of Turkey includes elements of the folk music of Central Asia, Arab, Persian classical music, the music of ancient Greece-Roman and modern popular music of Europe and America. Turkey, rich in musical heritage, has developed the art of two areas, classical Turkey (similar to Greece-Roman) and folk music of Turkey (similar to Central Asia).

In the field of culinary, Turkey is famous with Kebabs which existed from the 14th century. This food is historically derived from Arabic but growing rapidly in Turkey. Until recently Kebab has been known almost all over the world.