Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Samudra Pasai, The First Islamic Sultanate In Indonesia

The Relics of the Former Kingdom of Samudera Pasai

Samudra Pasai
Empire is the first Islamic Kingdom in Indonesia. Samudra Pasai Empire is geographically located on the eastern coast of North Sumatra Island or precisely in Aceh adjacent to the cruise lines trade between national bank at the time, that the Malacca Strait. The Kingdom was founded by Meurah Silu or better known as Malik Al Saleh in the year 1267.

The Sultanate of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai Empire reached its zenith under the rule of Sultan Zain Al-Abidin al-Malik Az-Zahir. Precisely in 1383 until 1405. According to notes from the land of China in the form of the Chinese Chronicle of Sultan Zain Al Abidin al-Malik Az-Zahir in the notes with a Chinese name Tsai-nu-li-a-pi-ting-ki. Unfortunately, during the reign of Sultan Zain Al-Abidin al-Malik Az-Zahir should be marked the death of the King at the battle of Nakur. Since then the powers of Samudra Pasai Empire led by the wife of Sultan Zain Al-Abidin al-Malik Az-Zahir, Sultanah Nahrasiyah. The first woman to become the King of Samudra Pasai. Under the leadership of Sultanah Nahrasiyah, Samudra Pasai Empire experienced a heyday. During his reign he was once visited by the fleet of Admiral Cheng Ho Zheng. Even Admiral Cheng Ho many times to visit the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai in the year 1405, 1408 and 1412.

Samudra Pasai in Economics gets rapid progress. Gold coins as a means of Exchange. Plus shipping and trade quickly made him famous rich and prosperous. The Kingdom of that time became a supplier of world famous pepper. The people of the Kingdom of Pepper plant and harvest every 2 times a year. The community must also produce milk cow's milk cheese that is made for trade in the European countries. Who created a Kingdom located in the Strait of Malacca became very prosperous.

Samudra Pasai also has a good relationship with the surrounding kingdoms. As with the Kingdom of Malacca where marriage often occurs between the two Sultanates. The Kingdom also has good relations with China, with often sent the Sultan there to seek knowledge. But the relationship is not good, too entwined with the King of Nakur. Where is the Kingdom of Nakur suddenly attacked the Sultanate of Samudra Pasai and made the King Pasai killed.

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The collapse of the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai caused some internal and external influences. Before the collapse of the Empire internally often involved disputes between Royal families. Power struggles of their fellow members of the often the case. The civil war and the rebellion were inevitable. Even the King of that time asking for help from the King of Malacca to quell the revolt. But that didn't happen because in 1511 Malacca empire fell to Portugal. Ten years later the case, precisely the 1521 Portugal invaded the Kingdom of Pasai and makes the Kingdom fell. But the seed of the Kingdom is still there, so the year 1524 Samudra Pasai became part of the Sultanate of Aceh.