Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ibn Sina, The Father of Modern Medicine

Ibn Sina / Avicenna

Ibn Sina is one of the world's most respected Islamic figures. He was very famous in his time on the field of medicine. Not only during his life, because until now, the contribution in the field of medicine are still being used. No wonder, if he gets the nickname of father of Modern medicine.

He has the original name Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn al-Ḥasan ibn ʿAlī ibn Sīnā. Ibn Sina also have latin names Avicenna. He was born in 370 Hijri in 980 CE in Afsyahnah area near the region of Bukhara (in Persian) is now Uzbekistan. Intelligence does look since she was a child. Intelligence is sharpened because since childhood her father already get used to him doing scientific studies.

Among the books and treatise written by Ibn Sina, al-betterbydrbrooke or al-Syfa in Bible philosophy and Al-Qanun in medical science known all the masses. Al-betterbydrbrooke ' written in 18 Volumes that discuss philosophy, mantiq, mathematics, natural science and ilahiyyat. Mantiq al-betterbydrbrooke, known today as the most authentic books of Islamic sciences mantiq, while discussion of the nature and science of al-ilahiyyat Betterbydrbrooke ' up to this point is also still the subject of study.

In the medical sciences, kitab Al-Qanun Ibn Sina's writings for several centuries became the major reference book and most authentic. In the medical sciences, kitab Al-Qanun Ibn Sina's writings for several centuries became the major reference book and most authentic. This book discusses the General Medical Sciences, medicine, and various kinds of diseases. Along with the Awakening movement of translation in the 12th century a.d., kitab Al-Qanun Ibn Sina works translated into Latin. Now the book has also been translated into the language of the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Al-Qanun is the book collection of the ancient method of treatment and methods of treatment of Islam.

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According to Ibn Sina, someone recently was recognized as a gifted, if he mastered philosophy perfectly. Ibn Sina was very careful in studying the views of Aristotle's philosophy. When told his experience studying the thought of Aristotle, Avicenna claimed that he read the works of Aristotle's Metaphysics book by as much as 40 times. He mastered the meaning of the book perfectly after reading on or explanation of Aristotle's ' metaphysical ' which was written by a previous muslim philosophers, Farabi

Because of the seriousness of the researched and studied philosophy done by earlier philosophers such as Al-Kindi and Farabi, Avicenna successfully made and put together a coordinated system of Islamic philosophy which is neat. Avicenna did a great job by answering questions that are left unanswered by previous philosophy.

Ibn Sina death when she was 58 years old and is just at the Islamic year 428But his departure does not remove the works she created and is beneficial to humans until now. The name of the magnitude remains alive to this day, because this is an example of the great civilizations of Iran in his day.